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06.01.2009 manfred richter, United Arab Emirates
Q: Hi there I have a number of questions how can i edit my personal details like address etc? how is payment being made and when is it made? which guarantees do you offer your clients? regards manfred
A: Hello!if you need to edit your details, pls, contact by email our office.As for payment, the deposit may be maid by paypal, credit card or wire transfer.The rest should be paid only by wire transfer.As fo the garanties, we will sign a contract with you on vehicle purchase.Everything is legal.
23.11.2008 Yas, Denmark
Q: ´HI i'mlooking a seats to Toyota Rav4 2004- 05 ? dit someone now what the is for that and where can i buy it?
A: Hello, you can try to find them on
27.10.2008 barb, United States
Q: I am looking for the cheapest 2008 car that is out there. Due to my health problems, I only need A/c. cruise control and auto tranny. Please help this old lady LOL thanks Barb
A: Do you want new car only? We can offer you: Toyota Yaris 14500 Chevrolet Aveo 13500
15.09.2008 craig hansen, United States
Q: I am trying to buy a used car you have listed in Raliegh, how do I?
A: Hello! All the info about buying & ordering a used car see at CARFROM.US
03.06.2008 Octavian, Romania
Q: i'm fizic person so tell my i can buy from you one single car and if i can you think i can get an offer for Mitsubishi lancer
A: Hello! Yes you can buy a car. Please indicate what kind of car would you like to buy and what options .
13.04.2008 Dzhikov, Germany
Q: Hello, i have an interest about some car, but cant register because didnt receive confirmed email
A: Hello! Your registration failed. Please register one more time.
21.02.2008 David Tsitsilashvili, Georgia
Q: Hi Please give me a Phone number of your customer service in Georgia.
A: Georgia David Thereteli +532855103907
01.02.2008 SAYEGH, Lebanon
Q: Are your prices whith or whithout taxes, Thank you.
A: Hello!Our prices are without taxes!
31.01.2008 Pavel, Ukraine
Q: So, how much is the tax for bringing a 2L car into Ukraine? The prices on the site are without taxes I guess?
A: All the information about the taxes you have to find out at your region customer service.
09.12.2007 Alberto Tomaselli, Italy
Q: stock list
A: Hello, Thank you for your interest, unfortunately we don't have a stock list avaliable.