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Welcome to our website!

With the help of our company you can buy new cars, four-wheelers, motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicles in USA. We can help you to find the vehicle of your dream and our partners can deliver it quickly anywhere you need!

Our offices are located in USA and Europe. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you to find the best variant

Let your purchase be the best!

How to order a vehicle:

1. In the search field of our website you can choose a vehicle you are interested in. If a required vehicle is not found automatically we will help you to find the vehicle you need.

2. You should pay 30% deposit of the vehicle price. Your order will be accepted only after we’ve got money on our account. The deposit is a guarantee for us that you will pay out full price of a vehicle when it is ready to be dispatched.

3. We get in touch with a seller, order a vehicle for you, and conclude a contract and also we will help you with preparation of the needed documentation. You should pay out full price of a vehicle as soon as dealer makes it ready for transportation.

4. It takes us from 1 till 4 weeks (depending on a distance from the location of the vehicle to the port of shipping) to take your vehicle to the port of shipping (Newark NJ zip 07114 USA) then it is loaded into container ( After that you receive copies of TITLE and DOCK RECEIPT where you can see in which container the vehicle has been loaded and where it is going to be delivered.

5. When the container arrives to the port or city of destination you will get the original TITLE and BILL OF SALE of the bought vehicle by DHL mail. In case when a delivery of a vehicle is ordered not to a marine port the original documents will be delivered together with the vehicle. Having all these documents, you can make the custom clearance.